Found 25th Oct 2009
Speed normally 17Mbps now getting less than 0.5Mbps..
Anyone else having problems?


i have noticed it is slower also been losing connection past week nights around 8pm. i am going to do a speed test now. just to see. but recently it is definately not as reliable as it was.

i got no problems here, not noticed any drop

done my check, a whopping 1mb download and 525kbps upload speed !!!!.suppose that just beats my old dial up connection.

Normally 4 meg and getting 3.6 so no real problems here (Kent)

I've been recently having problems with my O2 Wireless Box III. It connects (via LAN and WLAN) but no page will load (even the router config. page).

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Seems a few people are having problems with their connections at the moment.….do

[edit]did a bit more research into it and it looks like a fibre break effecting dynamic ip customers. they're working on it now[/edit[

Chill out, spend time with your kids, catch up with family...amazingly your life isn't just the internet.

fine in north bristol exchange

We are currently investigating a pissble routing issue causing slow throughput and high latency.

Anyone still having problems? I've just started to have connection problems over the past couple of days. On top of the router problem, my connection has been very slow, keeps on dropping (until I restart my wireless router).

I upgraded from a Wireless Box to Wireless Box III & my speed dropped from 2.8mb to 1.5mb

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More problems, doh!

getting back to normal now
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