O2 broadband - SSID, WEP encryption etc.

    Hey, just setting up my O2 BB, having trouble with setting up the wireless, i have a netgear wireless card in my laptop and going through the method on the CD it doesnt find it, so I will use the Netgear software instead.
    I want to change the SSID from the one they allocated me, and would like some encyrption on it, but not sure where i go to do that.

    Any ideas?


    I would
    - connect the laptop to the router using cable
    - go to the router page (if its a netgear this shoud be
    - change wireless setting from there

    Original Poster

    thanx for the replies guys, eventually got it sorted. the was pretty hard to get myself around, there was some links in the top fight hand corner i could not see first time.

    what wireless channel gives you the best connection? i am getting 54Mbps while the card supports 108 Mbps. cureently have it set on channel 6.
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