O2 Broadband - When will it kick in?

    Hey all

    O2 estimated that we should be activated today (hooray!). I'm wondering, when do you think it will happen? (timewise)

    Do they usually stick to their estimates?

    Have to say, I'm hoping it's either in the next 30 mins, or not until after 2-3 o'clock lol, planning to have a virtual meeting at 12 @)

    Just wondering


    Timescale that is usually given is 8am-10.30pm. Bit broad but it will almost certainly be today if thats what you have been told.

    Original Poster

    Sweet, thanks

    Completely random, all depends on when the engineer arrives at your exchange to do the bits that need doing there,

    Original Poster

    Well, I'm now connected with O2!

    My only quibble is that I was offline for 4 hours, during the time I was meant to have that meeting -.- Very frustrating, and the worst time but oh well.

    So far, lightning fast speeds
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