O2 contract about to end..!

    Finally - 18 month is almost up.

    I currently pay £30 for the £45 iPhone contract.
    I get something like 1200mins & 500 texts which I hardly use!
    I supposedly will lose the discount if I upgrade. HMPH!! I might as well leave them.

    Am thinking of moving it pay as you go, any recommendations for use with the iPhone 3GS?


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    btw... currently on O2

    Your better off getting it unlocked whilst still in your contract and then doing one of the iPhone sim only deals

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    dont really want to wait till ~april!
    will ring them up and see what they can offer! last time i called i wanted the iphone4.

    this time i'm calling to leave!

    I had the same problem with O2. I moved away from them after being with them for 7 years. The attitude of the retention team I spoke to was 'Either take it or leave it'. When I told them that T-mobile was offering me a much better deal the retention guy actually said 'I dont care what other networks are offering if you want the HTC desire your contact will be for £40 - 24 months'.

    How very happy with T-mobile since July with 800 mins, 500 text, unlimted landline, 3gb internet (can also tether with it) all for £30 and the desire. Since the merge with Orange, i get better reception and internet speed than I ever did with O2

    My advice shop around, call the sales department and haggle with them. Networks want your business and I got £50 cashback +£20 accessories and £50 for recommending a friend directly with T-mobile

    Phone 3 they do great discounts if you haggle a bit
    Just check the signal In your area first via their site
    I've been with them for a while and customer service has always been polite and helpful and I'm on a very cheap contract to begin with although admitidally it won't be bargain price if you want a new phone like iPhone 4
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