o2 contract - advice sought for best approach

    I have an 18 month contract (about 6 months in) with o2, it costs £20 per month and I get (just) 75 mins and 100 texts inclusive. I think that this is a pretty terrible deal and was hoping to ring o2 and ask if they will improve my contract (ideally some inclusive data allowance). Can anyone who either works for o2, or has experience in dealing with them, suggest how i might best negotiate to get the best 'deal' possible?



    Probably a daft question but why go for that deal in the first place if it was so bad? I can't really see O2 doing anything for you as they are already getting £20 a month out of you for very little. You may do better if you go for a more expensive tariff though.

    You should be able to ring o2 and choose a higher tariff but you'll have to pay more.

    You wont get any "Deals" as you're still obliged to fulfil your existing contract for another year.

    they let me switch to simplicity from online tariff, just give them a ring . I was on a 18 month contract with about 4 months left to run, these are the simplicity tariffs…ths?cm_mmc_o=TBBTkwAL*5Blf5zY*_yzEp+C+5Ayw*_yzEp+C+5AywjlbfwkbELlj_yzEpjlbfwkbELjivjlbF5kbgbfYj_yzEp+C+5AywjlbfwkbELl_yzEpjlbfwkbELjivjlbF5kbgbfY
    dont know why the link it like that
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    Hope you got a fab phone on contract to compensate for the rubbish tariff.

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    thanks everyone, much appreciated, guess I'll have to try and sweet talk
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