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Posted 1st Jan
Hi I managed to bag an iPhone XR on the 3 month contract in November that was posted on here with o2, I’ve not used the sim at all!
I’ve made one payment and have the second coming out soon so will have 1 more left but what I want to know is can I give notice to terminate contract when its up now or do I have to wait exactly 30 days before the contract ends to cancel it?
Also what’s best way of cancelling it, through they’re live chat or calling?
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Your better off phoning and it would be 30 days otherwise you will probably get charged an exit fee
Thanks for replying, is 30 days from date of last bill runs to I take it as o2 is funny where they take payment for 2 weeks behind and 2 weeks ahead!!
Still waiting for my refund after cancellation on first day and ringing three times

Absolute joke
You did the wrong thing, you could have cancelled in the first 14 days, if you pay off the device do request for information on the below, it will tell you how much it will cost to end your agreement. Depending on your payment date you might find you can cancel straight away. If you can do a stac and then give this to your current provider who will close the account for you in one to two days.

no need to talk to them at all.

Hi I also brought outright the XR phone and cancelled the sim contract after receiving the phone . I was charged for the sim contract on my next bill , called up C/S and they refunded the amount immediately.
I called O2 to cancel mine.
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