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Found 3rd May 2011
I know O2 do not allow change of ownership as a rule, but, does anybody know a way they will change it for me? some sort of exception?
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Why dont you call them and they'll tell you? Probably the quickest way to find out, if its urgent mate.
As far as I know their system is set that it can't be done.

Any change of ownership would need a credit check doing on the person that you'd like to transfer the acc to. Their system (if the info I've heard is right), can't do the check on an acc that's already live.
No network will give anyone an acc unless they can do a check..
I changed mine when my wife left (split the two lines up), they had to run a credit check on her to transfer her number but it was fairly painless once I got put thru' to the right person...
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