O2 Contract Payment Question? Confused!

    I git a iphone from o2 on wdesday arrived in the post and i activated it and worked fine, today i get a bill from o2, the 27th august is the bill date (the dauy i took out my contract, but i dont understand why, surlet this should come on the 27th of september? i rang o2 up and i still cant make sense of waht they said, something like your paying for what yoour going to use, but i did a 118118 call and that charge has come up on the bill, so im confused am i paying for 27th august-27 september now?


    they normally charge you a month in advance, just like a landline for the month ahead if that makes sense?

    you got charged the amount it cost from the day you ordered the phone until it was delivered
    and then a months payment in advance
    and freom now on you'll always be paying the line rental a month in advance, but IF you make any calls that are chargable that will be added to the following months rental

    for instance say I ordered a phone last wed, it arrived sat I'd pay 3 days plus 1 month in the first payment
    and say I used 5p's worth of chargable calls in the next month, then next month my bill would be the normal line rental plus 5p is that makes sense

    you CAN call them and get them to give you a refund on the extra day or two line rental they took at the start but I like most people didnt but its your choice.

    Log online in a few days (if not now) it will all be itemised for you
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