O2 contract question.

    Doesnt really matter but I'm just interested incase I missed something when I signed up ... but for my first o2 bill it was:

    Your account charges
    O2 250 Part Month 21/07 - 31/07 £9.36
    O2 250 1/08/06 - 31/08/06 £25.53
    (exl. VAT)

    I'm now on my 12month and it doesn't end on the 21st, so did they get £9 out of me for no reason for 10days, when I would of been happy to wait? :-( :-D


    When you start a contract they normally charge you a full month 2 weeks in so it works out your paying ahead.

    But I don't always understand it cos like you say Im sure in the 12th month you don't get a discount if you cancel the contract :?

    Original Poster

    I thought 'the month' would start there and then.... not wait for the calender month to start aswell... will order on the 29th in future if so.... :giggle:
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