O2 contract sim suitable for iphone??


    am looking for help here regarding my current contract phone (Samsung Jet) which I recently upgraded to with carphone warehouse(online). The sim card/network is through O2 and I wanted to change the Samsung phone to an i-phone and use my current O2 sim card.
    Would I be able to do this and would i need to have an unlocked iphone or have to buy one that is tied to O2.
    I dont want to buy an iphone off ebay and then find it doesn't take my contract sim card

    Any help here would be much appreciated


    You would be fine with one locked to O2... As they now unlock iPhones. Your contract sim will work as long as you have a internet bundle on there (so you don't get charged any extortionate prices for accessing the net)

    Just did the same myself. Ring carphone W as there is a setting you need to change on the iphone to use he internet free. Easy to do and they should be helpful. BTW you can get an iphone sim (via C P W) but need to push for £20. You get 600 x network mins + 1200 texts + free 3G internet - useful for watching TV i=ob iphone:p

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks, I have an internet bundle on existing contract-wasn't sure if i-phone should be reset to factory settings to allow me to get new applications

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