O2 contract (simplicity) problem, they have messed up........

Found 2nd Dec 2009
Consumer problem with o2 (for those that dont want to read below in short they somehow broke a bunch of sims remotely, it turned them from contract to paygo and erased all contacts from the sim, but they wont compensate me anything for this)

Right in full......
Had simplicity sim (12 month contract) for 2 weeks received on 22nd nov and they charged me the full month 2 days after recieving it. Thats 1 problem i dont understand.

Second problem is this:
All of a sudden i coulnt call out on the sim, the only thing that worked was O2 pay as you go topup line as whatever i dialed said 'PLEASE TOP UP'. Im not a rocket scientist but to me it seems the sim has magically turned into a pay as you go sim. Called o2 up after being on the phone for 45 mins and after them calling back they cant see ANY problem with the sim card. So they put it to 2nd line support or something.

Recieved a call back from this 2nd line support and they said it seems its switched to a paygo sim somehow and they have a engineer on it. I made it clear i wasnt happy because i had to use pay phones to call people which cost me a fair few quid AND to top it off the sim card has LOST ALL THE NUMBERS I SAVED ON THERE THE DAY BEFORE. She said shes sorry but theyd definatly not charge me for the time i wasnt using it.

Anyway got ANOTHER call back from o2 and they now say a whole batch of these sims have done it and they cant fix them remotely as its too time consuming, and that they will have to send me a replacement out. Again i mentioned about some sort of compensation for the hassle and agro and money ive lost because of this, the main thing im annoyed about is losing all my IMPORTANT numbers and her reply was 'you cant prove you had numbers on the sim card so we cant do anything about that'

So they think i got a contract out and have no friends? come on its common sense, isnt it?

What are your thoughts on this matter? should i leave it at that? or pursue further(how?) on trying to get some sort of compensation? maybe 1 month free or £50 cheque or something. It doesnt make up for the loss of contacts but its something!. I read someone with a simular problem and they compensated him £50 hence why i want to pursue it but dont know the next BEST possible step to take.

(sorry for the long explanation!)
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hi had a lot of problems with my o2 contract found the best thing to do is call customer services and ask for a managers call back had too be really firm that i wanted that as they kept trying to talk me out of it
Found the manager to be much more helpfull than the customer service people
hope this helps
Can't help with 2, sounds like an odd tech problem but would need more info to know.

1, When you open an acc you're placed on a billing cycle, this has nothing to do with the date your contract starts. It just the first cycle there's room on. So the face that you were changed for the first month isn't an error, its just the way the billing systems operate.
i received one months free (30.00) plus 20.00 compensation + 4 months free internet on my phone when i complained to T-mobile after 4 different advisors told me 4 different things. I asked to speak to a manager- he refunded the 20.00 to my account and the other 30.00 plus internet was credited when i asked for there complaints email address. Hope this helps, even though its a different provider.
I changed over to 02 orderd a sim added my number now they said they sent wrong sim .its a broadband sim they sent me now I can not use the phone or anything told me it would take ten days to sort it I'm still waiting

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