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    hi guys i have an o2 sim with £78 in credit on it,
    is it possable to buy anything using my credit?
    ive ask o2 and they said they can give me £10 off a new phone lol
    ive been with them for 9yrs since btcellnet and this is all they offer me.
    so i just wanna buy or even bet it away if i can any idea`s on how i can do this plaese??
    thank you maxmax

    10 Comments is one option

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    AJD851;5922340 is one option

    :viking:cheers this looks good i will check it out this out:thumbsup:[/CENTER]


    Lol i'm sure there are a few ladies 'chat' services you could buy :whistling:

    Think you can donate to charity via phone credit, if you feel like it

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    does not seem that i can use my sim credit only by credit/debit card and then bet by text. cheers

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    cheers i found it..i can use my credit from my sim with betnow cheers friend.

    There may be the possibility of transfering the credit to another o2 payg number - I'd phone o2 and ask about this as in that case you might be able to sell the credit to someone, on here or eBay maybe?

    how do you bet with phone credit, can only see how you can deposit from your card, via text?

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    In HELP & FAQ Tab
    Then Advanced features
    Betting from your phone bill...

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    You can get it credited against an O2 contract that will cover a few … You can get it credited against an O2 contract that will cover a few months, that's what I did with mine.

    Thank You:thumbsup:
    o2 Did Not Mention That Or anything Else.[/CENTER]
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