o2 data network/mms etc

    Hi guys,

    Good Xmas? What did everyone get?

    Can anyone on o2 tell me whether or not there data/mms is working?

    Mines been down all day and its beginning to really pee me off!


    Happy Xmas!



    mine has worked fine all day mate.

    merry xmas

    Original Poster

    Hmm dunno wats wrong with mine then

    Mine has has probs too,its been intermittent

    Original Poster

    o2 have been so **** recently. Normally so reliable

    yeh not working here in london

    was working earlier but the last few days have been non existant nearly all day - since sunday i think

    they said normal service should be resumed from the 28th

    Had problems today with sending MMS & contacts not receiving them. Thought it was my phone settings screwed up. Looks like it was O2 that has screwed up!!
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