O2 discount?

Found 18th Mar
has anyone got a surefire way to get discount with O2 I don't have any friends or family that work for them and I don't work for a company that are part of O2 open.
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If any of your household are already on o2 a Refresh you can get up to 50% discount on your airtime
I went in to get an iPhone 6 as my current phone screen was smashed. The guy who dealt with me said they have so many discounts they are allowed to give out to customers each month and gave me an iPhone 8 for the same online price as the 6 I originally was going for. Worth going into store and just asking what’s the best deal you can get for your budget?
I can only share my experience of O2 - both my wife and daughter on O2 were due upgrades so we went into the shop and asked for their best deal, my wife accepted it, my daughter said she'd look around..shrewd decision as it turns out as she went to car phone warehouse and got 3x the data for 2 pound less each month. I went back to the o2 shop and asked them to match but they wouldn't budge. So my advice is DONT go into theo2 shop for a deal.Shop around.
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