O2 disney+ subscription when you've already signed up

Posted 25th Jul
Morning all

After Disney+ opened up in the UK i signed up and a month later got an o2 sim and activated the 6 months free offer. When signing up i was asked to sign into my account or make a new one. I decided to sign in so it kept my viewing history.

What i have discovered is that i have been paying twice effectively (o2 is paying for me and i have via my card).

I have spoken to disney+ chat and have been told i should have cancelled my DD to them when i enabled the o2 offer. I wasn't told this was needed when activating my offer via o2. I and i suspect others will have just assumed that the o2 sub would take over from my card. Apparently this does not happen due to it being a 3rd party.

when i logged into my account on disneyplus.com I was able to see there was in fact 2 subs. one via o2 and one via my card. Maybe worth a look to see if you're in the same situation
Disney will also not refund me as its my fault for not reading the T&C's, which is fair enough. I just don't want others to get caught out like me.

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Do they not add credit to your account?
No, they (I assume) pay disney directly but because its a 3rd party subscription its just added on top of the normal card payment you make. The email from Disney (when o2 offer is activated) is sufficiently gray and vague enough to say they kind of tell you to look at it but not enough to inform you that you'll still be paying if you do nothing.
Thanks I will check we have done the same too
You're welcome.

When you login. Goto account and at the bottom of that page it has the subscriptions. My first 1 said o2 and the next one was the original card one.

You wouldn't know unless you went looking
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