O2 - email picture messages not working.. any ideas


    So as of yesterday, the picture messages from my O2 phone to an email no longer work..

    i havent changed anything, tried reuploading the picture msg settings from the O2 website.. but they still wont go.
    Message looks like its gone without problems, but they dont show up in the email..

    anyone had similar problems?



    Had a problem with Hotmail when I worked on the tech line at Orange. Hotmail decide on day that all emails from Orange phones were spam and stopped them all from arriving !!

    As a test try sending one to another email address (a different provider) and see if it gets there, if it does it could be the first email address that the problem. If it doesn't it could be a problem with O2 and you need to call them and see if they know of any on going issues with the network. . .

    Original Poster

    ok, doesnt work on a variety of emails.. so will try O2, thanks for the help
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