O2. Entering pac code online?

Found 16th Aug 2009
Can anybody please give me the link where i can enter my pac code online to cancel my o2 contract as i cannot find it anywhere on their website.
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If you've got your PAC code from o2 all you need to do is get a free sim card from another provider and port it across.

If you want to stay with o2 but just cancel, then ring them up and tell them.

See saynoto0870 for some 0800 numbers for o2.
i want to do it online but cant find it on their bloomin website.
Spent the last hour trying to find the link!
You want to port TO o2?
Have you already got your PAC?

i did it last week had orange phone, got pac filled in this form, 3days later all done:thumbsup:
Once you use your PAC code with another network that will cancel your O2 contract.
Thanks rep given.

I've cancelled my 30 day contract with O2 and taken out a 12 month contract so i can get the 100 quid cashback.
Hopefully it'll work.
It says its been tracked in my quidco account so fingers crossed
I intend to do the same. I am currently on an Pay Monthly contract which is expiring today. So called up the O2 CSA today and asked him for PAC code. Was told that i should recieve it in next 24 hrs.. Now i have ordered a fresh o2 Simplicity contract through quidco.

Now, what is to be done once i recieve the PAC code. Being skeptical if porting from O2 to O2 through this route would work? I hope so? What are your thoughts?
Had i done that, i would not have been able to recieve the 100 quid cashback isnt it?
You cannot port O2 contract to O2 contract
In that case, shall i call them up now and ask them to move my current contract to PAYG.
Once i recieve the new sim for the simplicity, i need to call them up again and cancel the PAYG acct and then using that PAYG PAC code, port the number to the new Simplicity contract. Does that look possible or do you have any other route?
hmmm o2 used to do a service before where they used to provide it instant onsite must have changed now.
Thats lovely. Just to confirm
Step 1 : Move current contract to PAYG. (do u know how long this takes?)
Step 2: Once the new contract sim comes, call up O2 and ask them to move my PAYG number to the new contract
So no need of the PAC code i have recieved.
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