O2 Extra £10 Credit With Top Up?

Found 24th May 2017
I was wondering if anyone has received a sim from o2 recently with the top up £10 get £10 extra credit for free? The offer seems to have dried up, I know they changed the deal to international sims only but that deal also seems to have ended recently?

If anyone knows of a similar deal can they let me know?
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They use the O2 network but the extra credit only lasts for the month.
I ordered a few O2 Sims about 2 weeks ago, but noticed the free £10 promo was no longer on the back as usual, and a new promo of £5 each time you top up £15 over 5 months, up to £25.

So I binned them.......... Only to get an email from O2 this week saying activate your Sim and claim your free £10 credit!

So, maybe worth ordering some sims and see if you get the email.
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https://shop.tescomobile.com/pay-as-you-go-tariffs#triple-credit-tariffThey use the O2 network but the extra credit only lasts for the month.

Has anyone used these to purchase PSN credit?
I ordered international SIM a week ago and sent a text for free £10 credit after £10 topup. received credit with no problems.
they change the deals on a monthly basis which explains why some will get it and some won't. I didn't, so I rang them and this was the answer given.
This is HUKD not freebies from 0231023978-0KwMA touche

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This is HUKD not freebies from 02 touche

Shame I didn't ask for a freebie i asked about a promotion that they have been running for a while and the fact that you appear to have been stalking me to put that is alarming.
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