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    Hey, i just got some free o2 simcards through for unlimited texts for £10 and unlimited texts and internet for £15 ( you can order them on there site for free) , I thought it was to good, and it would appear so, It says " Top up before 31st January 2010 and get unlimited texts and internet. " Now, i know that that they will only last for one month then i will need to top up again to receive the internet and texts, My question is, Will it be unlimited calls and internet forever or will they stop after 31st January 2010?

    Thanks for your help


    Once you are on that tariff you will stay on it so long as you keep topping up.

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    Hmmm, what happens if i miss the second or third top up by.... 1 week?


    Hmmm, what happens if i miss the second or third top up by.... 1 week?

    It will most likely be re-activated from your next top-up, its only if you gor for months without topping up they will cancel it, if at all. o2 are pretty good on the customer services side from my experience, mobiles (payg and contract) and broadband too.

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    Okay thank yooou. Rep left for your help

    I ordered 4 earlier, and £1.20 has tracked in quidco
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