O2 Head Office (Retail?)

    I was wondering if any one has a number for o2 head office?
    I'm kinda at a loss and don't know what to do. Long story short; I had to send my phone off for repairs with o2 so I took it into the store and it's been 2 weeks now and I haven't got it back, they said the process is 7 days, 10 days MAX. I went into the store today and they said the repairs centre had received it the day after I sent it in. But they did not know where it was or when it was coming back. The clerk said that he'd make a phone call and let me know, but I've been told that quite a few times already and haven't had any luck.
    Can any one help? Who can I call? O2 customer services (4445) said it's not their problem to deal with as I took it into the store.


    Hi There,

    You could try phoning again and speaking to someone else? You can usually get through to someone else more helpful the next time!

    Or try EMailing them Here…elp

    Or PAYG Phone Numbers…121

    Or Pay Monthly Numbers…hly

    On these numbers you may have to be transferred to the Department you want!!

    Hope this helps and you get sorted Mate

    or these

    Sales (24 hour): 0870 225 7879 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Contract): 202 from your o2 handset (National rate)
    Customer Services (Contract): 08702 410 202 (National rate)
    Customer Services (o2 Online Contract): 0870 600 3009 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 4445 from your o2 handset (25p per call)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 08705 678 678 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 0906 302 4445 (50p per a minute)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 0161 705 5000 (Switchboard, ask to be put through)
    Handset upgrades: 0800 1313136 (8am to 8 pm, 7 days a week)
    O2 Customer Services is available from 8am - 9pm Mon to Fri, and 8am - 8pm weekends.

    o2 Complaints: 0845 330 0684 (Pre-pay)

    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot! Finally getting somewhere, rep given!
    They gonna call me back in about 20 mins, woo!
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