O2 help this time :-)

    I'm currently on o2 simplicity 800 mins, 1600 texts. The free bolt on I chose is unlimited internet but I'm finding i text far too much and 1600 isn't enough. Phoned up to buy an unlimited text bolt on but they said they don't do that anymore, all they could do is give me 500 more texts for an additional £7.50/month.

    Thinking about it it would be ideal if I could change my included bolt on to the unlimited texts then get unlimited internet for £7.50/month extra, does anyone know if you're able to change your inclusive bolt on midway through your contract?

    Thanks a lot :-)


    That doesn't sound too good. On o2 pay as you go now, you can top up £15 a month to get unlimited o2 calls and unlimited texts, which is obviously gunna be way cheaper than pay as you go in your case.

    Maybe try speaking to retentions as if you were going to cancel your contract.

    Edit: Looking at o2 online, its unlimited text and unlimited data for £15, too..

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the response. I can't cancel the contract as I'm tied down to a 12 month sim only deal. I phoned up and got it sorted though, changed my inclusive bolt-on for an unlimited text one (effective from tomorrow) and paid an extra £7.50/month for unlimted internet :-)

    That brings my bill up to just under £20/month for 800 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet which isn't too bad!
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