O2 Increase MMS and international calling - grounds to cancel my contract?

Found 19th Jul
Hi Guys!

I received this text from O2 the other day and looking for some advice:

"We're getting in touch because change is coming. From 16 August the cost of sending an MMS in the UK will go from 50p to 55p. The good news is there are loads of apps that can send text, pics and videos using your data allowance. For more info: s.o2.co.uk/wM1…LVC".

This seems to be outside of the RPI that they can increase. Does this means i have grounds to cancel my contract fee free? I've spoken to their online chat people, they said no, but i don't entirely trust them.

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What does your contract state?

I'm pretty sure the RPI increase only counts for the cost of the base contract (again, subject to what your contract says).
It comes down to whether you will be affected by these - if you have never sent an MMS or made international calls, then no.
Do people still send MMS?
Yeah - i just read my contract and as i don't use MMS's it looks like i can't leave without a fee:

5.3 We may also increase or decrease our Out-of-Bundle Charges from
time to time. If we increase our Out-of-Bundle Charges, we'll give you
Notice at least 30 days before the Out-of-Bundle Charges are due to go
up and you'll have the rights explained in paragraphs 5.4 and 5.5.
5.4 You can end this Agreement without having to pay the Monthly
Subscription Charges up to the end of any Minimum Period you have left,
(a) we apply an increase to your Monthly Subscription Charges of
more than the RPI Rate; or
(b) we increase any of our Out-of-Bundle Charges in a way that would
have had the effect of increasing your total bill (based on your usage
in your bill in the month prior to our notification
) by more than 10% if
the increase(s) had applied for the whole of that month's bill.
5.5 If you want to end the Agreement because of one of the
circumstances in paragraph 5.4 you must give us Notice that you want to
within 30 days of our Notice. If you don't give us Notice within 30
days, you accept the new Charges and the Agreement will continue with
the new Charges.

Ah well, that 45gb virgin sim deal will have to wait...
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