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    Good Afternoon All,

    Hope your enjoying the sun...

    Does anyone know how to squeeze the best "upgrade" deal out of o2?

    I have been with them for over 18 months and finally I am eligible to upgrade.

    I am after the new iphone but they want to charge £87 for the new handset - I can only get it for free if I go for the 24month contract...

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks when call the retention department??

    Normally I can get a bit of a deal but the person I spoke wasn't budging...

    Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated,



    I always make a point of telling them how long I've been a customer., and tell them that not only do I pay my line rental, but that every month I pay extras too (even if it's just the odd 0845 call for pence). Then I tell them what I can get on another network, and ask them what I need to do if I want to leave them - do I need to give notice etc. I've done this for 3 consecutive years with Orange and I always end up getting what I want, pretty much...and I always demand the high-tier handsets for my upgrades. I use a Windows Media phone, and don't really hanker for an iPhone...far too big to carry around in my pocket when my phone does so much more. I am an Apple fan and appreciate them greatly though! :o)

    Mind you, given the retail price of the new iPhone, £87 seems like a snip, if you've got the cash...haggle, but don't cut your nose off to spite your face!!!

    O2 do not discount on the iPhone

    I went through quidco they gave me 60 quid for using part of carphone wharehouse. Then get your PAC no. From o2 to keep ya number. Sometimes they are funny about it but they have to give it u. No deals from o2 I was in the same boat.

    They will not give you a discount on the iPhone under any circumstances. after being with them for 18 months or 18 years.

    It's a set price.

    The only way you'll get discount is o2 Open (30% line rental discount)

    or if you work in mcdonalds or any DSGi company, you'll also get 30% off line rental.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    Points noted!

    Will give them another go tomorrow!

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