O2 iPhone Downgrade Available

    I saw a thread on here explaining that if you signed up for the iPhone 3GS on launch day, you could downgrade your contract after 9 months.

    Well, I was already on the lowest £35/mo tariff, but I thought I'd give it a crack, if only to get unlimited texts instead of 500.

    They allowed me to do that, but instead I managed to downgrade to £30/mo - 300 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet, free visual voicemail.

    So for all on O2 who've had your iPhone for over 9 months - give them a call on 202 and see what you can get!


    You can also do this online (link below). It shows you what options you have. If you downgrade, you can do it again one month later to reduce down to £25 a month if you don't need massive minutes and texts (assuming you were on the £35/month to begin with).


    Mine should downgrade this month to 600 minutes and unlimited txts
    I can't remember the tariff price off the top of my head but after my 30% discound should work out around £26 a month


    Meant to say, good deal op, well worth pointing out for those that may not realise
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