O2 iPhone PAYG Sims - no longer available ?

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Found 20th Jan 2011
I bought a mint 2nd had iphone last year, and got an O2 PAYG iphone SIM on ebay at the time for $30 - so have had 10 months surfing so far for that £40.

Free bolt on runs out in 2 months but Ive been looking about and cannot find anyone selling the SIms with free bolt on anymore.

Did O2 stop these ?

Are there any alternatives ?


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same to you :-)

Thanks Ill check them out ...

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Thanks for the advice, but picked up a t-mobile PAYG sim with 12 months free internet on a famous auction site for a tenner - with £10 top up gives me 12 months internet for £20 !

(plus the £15 to O2 to unlock of course)
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