o2 Iphone tariff question/help - unlmited internet?

    Got an iphone yesterday and i quite like it.

    The tariff has unlimited internet access but i cannot find the exact amount of use before you breach the fare use policy.

    I only ask this question to keep under the line because i don't want to pay extra on my monthly bill.

    Hopefully someone can help me out



    O2 has a excessive usage policy:…rms
    However, it does not indicate the exact amount. It's more of a try your luck!

    According to…ifi

    There is no exact limit. Just says not to stream video/audio continuously or do anything that could be illegal ie. p2p file sharing etc.

    You are also only allowed to use the Internet on the iphone only and not on your PC.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for all the replys guys

    Do you need to register for the Wifi access? or can you use your exsisting o2 account the log on to the cloud hotspot?

    I only intend to use the iphone data allowance for my phone as i already have BB at home
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