O2 iPhone tethering - Using MyWi

    Basically downloaded MyWi for my jailbroken iPhone; wondering if I use this method to tether my iPhone, will I be charged by O2?
    Wouldn't use it regularly; but would be nice to be able to "create" a WiFi hotspot for myself when out and about with the laptop.
    Any help is very much appreciated.


    I have been using tethering on my xda serra (htc diamond touch pro) for 2 years now and touch almost 3gb everymonth. Only got one warning when I crossed the 3gb limit. O2 are flexible and they are the only network now allowing such a massive allowance. T-mobile, vodafone and others only allow max 1gb. Vodafone only 500mb

    I use MyWi on my iPhone, never gad a issue with O2 as long as your careful on how much you use it you'll be fine but it's like everything else if you take the beeeeep then they'll get ya.

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    Cheers guys. Wasn't going to use it full stop at first. Shall only really use it when I'm in need of an Internet connection and the iPhone alone just won't do. Never been close to touching the download limit just yet. Didn't fancy having my bill go up £9.99 just for occasional 3G laptop usage.
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