O2 Joggler - any good?>

    If the o2 joggler any good looking to get it for my family for the wall to replace the noticeboard - jsut wondering if its any good and worth £150 ?


    Looks good but go have a play with one in the o2 stores, all gizmo no action, needs more development on them IMO


    Is that Wifi enabled?

    Don't think it is worth £150 TBH. I would have liked to have seen a full browser in there

    Yeah with a browser it would have rocked

    Saw this advertised on telly last night.
    Can some kind person explain exactly what ur getting for £150?

    I thought it was just a calendar on the 02 website which you filled out then 02 sent you texts to remind you of these dates?!


    Just so people know what it is.

    Also worth noting you can have a calander and all the free texts for the whole family for FREE, without needing a joggler.

    I use the calander and it's great for the reminder texts, the joggler isn't worth the price tag at the mo, but when they release one with a browser and a bit more depth it'll be great! IMO
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