O2 mobile contract - please can anyone help?

    I've been with O2 for years and last year renewed my contract on O2 discount 500. Basically they give a loyalty bonus for having been with them for such a long time (and spending so much money).

    My contract started in March last year and everything has been fine until I get my December bill - I find that I've been charged the full monthly rate. So, I phone them up and am told that they have transferred me over to a different billing system and the discount has been removed! I ask how they can do this in the middle of a contract and am told that as I have nothing in writing to confirm the rate quoted they are within their rights to change the terms of the contract.

    Can this be right? Has anyone else had the same problems? Any ideas what to do next? I think maybe a move to another network?


    If you don't have a written contract from them then tell them you must be within your rights to cancel it.

    Common issue, you've been migrated from DISE to Companion. Speak to a supervisor, and if they dont sort it, cancel your contract & either go elsewhere, or the retention team should give you a loyalty bonus..............

    I had the same problem with 02 years ago. I tried everything to get it sorted but i ended up canceling my contract with them and moving to another provider. They rarely stick to their word in my experience n iv found them nothing but trouble.

    hi.i had the same when i viewed my bill online, it showed i was charged i rang O2 and spoke to cutomer services. they said when i had renewed my contract, their staff forgot to put the same tariff on. so all that money has been credited back and i personally think O2 is a really good service.ive been with them for8-9 years. so ring customer services .
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