O2 mobile Internet/Wi-fi help

    Currently looking to get an internet add-on for my new nokia 5800 and have had a look on the o2 website.

    They say you can have unlimited wi-fi for £8 per month. I thought that wi-fi was free if you were within a wi-fi zone?

    Or do O2 mean unlimited internet i.e internet that can be used anywhere in the country?

    rep for any help, thanks chris


    It is free through a Hot Spot since you are connecting to the internet with someone else's system rather than O2.

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    so why do they refer to is as offering you unlimited wi-fi? are they using incorrect terminology?

    Does seem odd. I would have thought that the internet connection would be through GPRS outside of a WiFi zone.

    It's not free, you have to buy credits at hotspots to surf

    don't you get free internet added on as part of their £20 sim deal?

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    don't you get free internet added on as part of their £20 sim deal?

    possibly but i am on the £15 a month contract with unlimited txts and 100mins

    There is a little more to it than that. All other networks ONLY offer you internet via their network. However O2 offer you internet AND wifi.

    BT has quite a few wireless access point all over the UK called BTOpenZone, so if you are with O2 you can use these for free - although I'm not sure how you are supposed to get usernames/passwords for them.

    You can also use Cloud access points aswell.

    Ofcourse if you use your home WIFI connection then you don't pay anyone except the company you get your broadband from.
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