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    I currently have a k750i on pay as you go from o2 but want to get a contract and would like the LG Viewty. I know that the contracts are generally cheaper when bought online but would i be able to save money getting it instore since i've been on o2 pay as you go for about 4 years?
    I'm lookinjg for a contract with at least 500 texts and 100mins for as cheaply as possible, any help would be gratefully recieved


    To get the phone free you will need to take out the £35 a month tariff for 18 months - this gives you 600 mins plus 500 texts and a free bolt on - doesnt matter if it is online or in the shop. If you go for a lower tariff, you will have to pay some money - look at and search for LG Viewty.

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    yeah i was just wondering if there was any other way to save money since i've been giving them my cash for 4 years?

    Usually if you via their online store you either get more minutes etc for same price or usually a bit cheaper depending on offer etc. Also, if you do it online you may be able to get some cash back via quidco etc.

    I don't think being on PAYG with them really counts for anything.

    If you are on PAYG, you can usually get money off other phones depending on how much you have topped up during those 4 years.
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