O2 Motorola Razr phone?

Found 30th Sep 2006
As this board had been so helpful in the past I wonder if anyone could help again (I think theres a resident phone expert?)

My GF is currently on an O2 leisure contract, £20 per month, which has expired and shes now after a new phone to replace her 6630, She wants to stay on an O2 contract, preferably leisure but really wants a Razr.

Any good money saving suggestions??

Yarr! :pirate:
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I think both the v3i and v3im are free on all contracts now so you should be able to get it no probs, i'll double check the catalogue tomorrow and post back,

if not im sure you can get it for free if you called them up and haggled it down as motorola have just released the latest razor phone (K1):thumbsup:
I reckon you could easily get one for free, they are only around £80 to buy (got mine off ebay for that price)

Have you tried [url]dialaphone.co.uk?[/url] You can get some really good deals and may be able to get a free psp/ipod if you take out a new contract and port the number over.

Or just ring o2 up and try and haggle some more free minutes and txts, sure you will get them no problem.
funnily enough, the v3im (itunes razr) is free on all contracts but the v3i is £50 on the contract your on...
Well i went into the o2 shop a few weeks ago and they were selling the V3i for £99.99 on pay & go!

So it would be cheaper to buy it out right really and just top up unless you need the free minutes etc.

still is
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