o2 now doing £100 through quidco for new contracts will this work for an iphone ?

    i ordered an iphone through o2 on quidco this morning will they pay £100 what do people think?


    It's unlikely as the iPhone seems to be exempt from any of O2's special offers or deals.
    It's in a different class almost.
    But you could always hope!

    i was wondering that as well cause they used to pay the 35 quid quidco for an iphone and now they've upped the contract cashback to 100 it might also count for the iphone. Let us know how you get on :-D

    Ooh yeah let us know, this could just persuade me to finally get one!

    o2 is bad for tracking reliability, keep an eye on it!

    New Iphone out soon, I'd wait if I were you...

    yeah, I'd wait. It's inevitable all technology will be replaced with better models but the iphone is in desperate need of an upgrade. 3G and camera upgrade could be as soon as 1st week in june as they have an iphone conference sheduled for then.

    Carphone warehouse are obviously doing this deal aswell and I believe quidco will offer you £60 back for each transaction on new contracts ;-)

    New iphone possibly out 1st June but thats a month and a half away...and how much is it going to cost? with 3G bumped on top could be well over £300 vs a possible £109
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