O2 Odeon Priority Reward Codes Are Ending

Posted 1st Mar 2023
Just spotted that O2 Odeon Priority Rewards are ending Last date to use them by is the 7th March.

Shows the below on the Priority page here, i'm hoping they'll replace with with another Cinema offer but not got my hopes up.


If/when more info comes in, i'll update or please comment, TY.
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  1. Jaffo's avatar
    If they ever drop the Greggs deal, we riot!
    Nick747a's avatar
    I will be off much cheaper mobile deals but stayed with o2 due to perks, my contract is up soon
  2. Redinho's avatar
    Any other mobile networks do anything similar ? Probably time for me to move away from o2 since the signal where I live is so bad and I was only keeping it for the movies
    Gollywood's avatar
    3 do a £3 Cineworld ticket and Vodafone offer 2 Vue tickets for £7
  3. Adil_AhmedbQy's avatar
    Surprised noone has mentioned the meerkat movies method. Buy a cheap single days worth of travel insurance from Compare the Market shouldn't cost much more than £1.50. You'll then have access to bogof cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday
  4. juggler1's avatar
    I’m gutted, I’ve been almost weekly for ages. Carried on going on a Mondays as I’d got in the routine of it. Saw so many films I enjoyed that I wouldn’t ever have paid to go and see, thinking they weren’t my thing. Expanding the days on this ruined it, made the tickets into a tradeable commodity that people grabbed when they had no intention of going. I’m kinda hooked on my Monday afternoon jaunts to cinema so I’ll carry on, but I suppose I’ll only go and see the things I actively think are my cup of tea. It’s been fun being surprised by films.
    Ferris's avatar
    Mondays were my routine for a long time too, initially just for the fun of seeing anything on the big screen. The 3 mile each way walk eventually dampened my enthusiasm a little, to the point where I planned my visits for things I actually wanted to see, of which there's been very little these last 6 months.

    Got a few double/ triple features in there too
  5. Gollywood's avatar
    I won't miss it. Was only ever able to get them twice.

    I miss the Caffe Nero codes.
  6. Toon_army's avatar
    Load of crap anyways, they sell out within seconds. Bet half the people don't even use them
  7. B0ne5's avatar
    Good may stop the begging on here for them. To many people claim them with no intention of going. Just to come on sites like this and beg to swap them.
    Toon_army's avatar
    Yeah really annoys me that! I've got a cineworld unlimited pass, but have tried in the past to grab one for my little cousin, in the end I got a Three sim to give her the £3 code each week
  8. Prstnkaren's avatar
    Thank you. I've watched quite a few films that I wouldn't have done without this offer.
  9. kevlfc's avatar
    people just begged 4 them and then sold them on ebay
    farzana.ali's avatar
    Really Omd
  10. gill21's avatar
    Too bad , free was fun while it lasted
  11. jco83's avatar
    I was never able to get one, always instantly gone
  12. samwants2save's avatar
    ... never did utilised these... Oh well, no 'arm done
  13. Wazz2013's avatar
    Hopefully they reinstate this soon, managed to get 2 over the year. They surely do sell out like mad.
  14. Ferris's avatar
    I expect it'll be back on one of the reward apps as a discounted ticket, just like the Nero deal. Similar trajectory - long running offer, make it much better for a while, then pull it completely, only for a slightly worse deal to show op on another app a few months later. (edited)
  15. beanzzzz's avatar
    49717528-9i9vm.jpgHave mine if it'll work
  16. sandman1986's avatar
    You had to load app 5 mins before and wait for it to countdown then click straight away. Demand went crazy once they opened up from mondays only to all week
    mf9's avatar
    Yes, you had to be spot on within 5 seconds of hitting 2pm and also don’t use the office WI-FI else it would say sold out straight away.
  17. thenexus6's avatar
    That sucks, might as well delete the app now
  18. 1988dave's avatar
    Good... They literally went oos within seconds... So genuine people cant get or use them (edited)
  19. JesusChristFenton's avatar
    It's a shame it's ending. It was better when it was limited to Mondays, as you could pretty much always get a ticket then. When it went to anytime, you'd literally have to get in on 0 to get a code.

    That was the only benefit I consistently used as well!
  20. Brand.new's avatar
    I’ll be changing networks that’s for sure
  21. cheekster's avatar
    So this reward ended back in March 2023 and hasn't returned? Shame.
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