O2 online billing

    Anyone able to access the O2 online billing account? It just redirects me to ""

    I can login fine, just can't view my bill.



    hi,ive had the same problem before. youl have to give them a ring and they reset your sign in etc.

    I would hang off a bit. They are upgrading the online billing system. I had problems for a few days and this afternoon I logged in and it all worked fine with the new layout.

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    Dunno how you rep on here. I've liked both comments though? Dunno if that adds to rep. lol

    i can log in fine but also had issues with it.........until i cleared my browsing history and then it worked fine

    I think the O2 site is having a downs day today. Even the homepage was redirecting to a "Sorry, we broke the website" message earlier.
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