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Posted 17th Dec 2017
Im currently on a. O2 contract and its come to an end so im looking for a new contract. Ive seen one from vodafone but am not sure whether the connection is as good as o2. I will be using this contract for business purposes so need to have the best connection so which one would be the better one to choose? Thanks in advance
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Depends where you live.. I live on a massive housing estate but no EE coverage. Vodafone is ok at the front of the house. Don't know about 3 network but 02 is great all around me so all of us are on 02 network (giffgaff and tesco).. Also from Falmouth to Newcastle I've had good coverage with 02 although lost signal in a few spots. Think you should take your time before you jumping ship..
I live in Leeds and o2s been good. My brother was on vodafone and said it was great but im not sure whether to move
Get a PAYG sim and try it. Best to spend a few quid than end up in a contract if the service is dire.
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Vodafone in my experience terrible customer service and put into an expensive contract I didn't signup to on the phone...they cancelled and hit me with a 250 pounds cancellation fee that it took months to get back. AVOID VODAFONE

on sim only great deal for 10 a month
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I live in Leeds and o2s been good. My brother was on vodafone and said it …I live in Leeds and o2s been good. My brother was on vodafone and said it was great but im not sure whether to move

Vodafone it just takes one idiot of theirs in customer service to cause a significant problem for the next4 months
Vodafone is a terrible company. 0.5 on trustpilot. Granted the others aren't much better!

I have been awarded compensation for their terrible service, so...
as one of the poster has said, you should ask for a free sim to test broadband and call signal before taking out a contract as you can not rely on the operator's claim of coverage.

i was so glad i did this when i was considering three mobile as the signal was very poor when their website claimed to be very good!

i have had vodafone sim only contracts in london and they were great for signals and customer service was fine when i called them. i am aware that others have complained about their customer service.
Vodafone are awesome until you have to deal with their customer service.

They are the best for signal I have found though out of all the networks, their 4g speed is much better I have found too. I have two iPhones (one work one my own) and one is Ee the other is vodafone and it’s no comparison. This is up north so as you’d expect it’s all area specific
You need your device for business, you say.

So you need a reliable service.

o2 wins Customer Service awards from OFCOM regularly.

Vodafone gets fined by OFCOM.

Speaks volumes.
I’d pick O2. Vodafone is a pain in the neck to contact, and if you go in store you’ll be waiting at least 20 mins (or at least in my local it’s the case). O2 I’ve never had a problem with, and it’s got the additional bonus of O2 Priority which is good at the moment (won’t be probably after Christmas)
Thanks for all the replies. I think ill get a payg sim and try it out, if it seems decent enough i shall start the contract! Will let you know if i do or not. Thanks again!
Accidentally clicked on thread love you all O2folks
O2 all day , vids voted worse company for Mobile cs and coverage
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