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Found 1st Mar 2010
Hi All,

I bought a O2 SIM only deal on Sunday, Went through all the payment etc and it showed me my order number etc. However they havent emailed me anything. I cant seem to sign in to O2 as I didnt provide a mobile number.

Now I dunno if the order has gone through, Quidco hasnt tracked anything, and I have no idea what my oder number was as i didnt think to write it down.

Any ideas how I can check to see if it did go though or not? Im a bit surprised that O2 havent emailed me anything.
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Prob.best to ring them, give them your details, i.e your name, address, email, they should be able to find your order through search they do via system computers, they can give you your ref./order number!

Also that way your know if your order went through or not!

I never received an e-mail too but received my o2 sim card today, quidco tracked my item 3 days later I ordered the Sim on Friday and Quidco tracked it £25 on Sunday you should be ok Did you register with the o2 website if so check your delivery status on that.
Thanks for replys, im sure i did register, but not sure of my user name. when i click on "forgot username" it asks for my mobile number.. but i didnt provide one when i orderd lol.

Thanks Joo, i'll just wait a few days and see what happends
I would of thought they would of mailed over some sort of details, i.e thank you for your order or somthing.
Sounds like if your Quidco doesn't track in couple of days, try my method then!

I order mines AM on the 26th, never received any order email either. Quidco tracked on the 28th and I received my SIM this morning.

What to do is check to see if you can log on to the myO2 website using the details that you purchased with and if you can log in okay then chances are that they are preparing your order along with the thousands of other orders that go in on that deal!

missus ordered one and didnt get an email, she checked her mail bin and there it was. Have you checked yours
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