O2 palm pre handset problems...

    Ok, so i decided to go with the palm pre (an error i know), well it has just been sent back for the 2nd time for repair, this time coz the speaker has blown the 1st coz the internet options kept reverting to german???
    Anyhoos, i asked the O2 operative if I could just change the handset to different type and she said they cant do that. So i said what if it keeps breaking will i just have to send it off for repair and she said yes.
    So, my question is, is she right? because im only 3 months into an 18 month contract and thats along way to go.


    I'd challenge O2 on whether the handset they have provided you with is fit for purpose. Definitely as it has been repaired twice within 3 months.

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    it hasnt technically been repaired twice. The 1st handset i sent back they lost so they sent me out another brand new handset. My concern is that this is going to turn into a vicious circle and im going to be stuck with a dodgy handset that breaks every other month.
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