O2 PAYG info? Can someone shed some light on this one for me?

    Hey all, my wife is on PAYG and tops up £15 per month.

    For this, every month, £13 of the £15 is taken off the balance for a 400 text bolt on. Now, im seeing this free thing where if you top up £15 you get 500 texts.

    But is this 500 texts and your £15 is still available? Or do they take £15 from you?

    Can someone help cos I think we are on the wrong PAYG tariff!


    If you get the tarrif that you top up £15 per month then you get 5oo text and still keep your £15..... Its the same as If you top up £10 per month you get 300 texts and still keep your £10 credit.

    yep you get 500 texts and keep the £15 id usually buy another bolt on with the remainder like o2 home 100 gives you 100 mins for £5 or £10 which works out cheaper then using the balance.

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    thanks for clearing that one up for me. Have some Rep!

    If your wife is currently paying £15 per month, has she considered a sim only deal, they are available on most networks,, Vodaphone are doing the £15 per month 150mins and 1000 texts with £90 quidco,(You need to stay with them for 4 months to get the quidco) They are all on a 30 day notice as well.

    I top up £10 per month and get 300texts. from that i pay £5 and get 1000 units to use on texts or mins to my fave 10 02 numbers.
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