O2 PAYG to O2 contract

    Just a quick question: my girlfriend's on o2 payg and wants to get a contract. It would save a lot of hassle with pac codes etc (as she wants to keep the number) if she was to stay on o2, also I and most of her family are on o2 as well so cheaper for everyone/means we can use o2-o2 free calls packages.

    She spends about a tenner a month on top ups and has been with them for about 4 years (at least on this number anyway). I know that when you upgrade your phone with them you are entitled to money back in the form of calling credit, is there a scheme also where you receive a better deal on a contact phone, as she's looking to spend just about £15 a month but the phones you receive free/usage allowances aren't that great.

    Just wondering if anyone has been successful in negotiating a better deal in this way/what the best procedure is in order to do so.

    Cheers :-)


    No you wont get a better deal you will be offered standard new customer offers.

    With the amount she spends SIM only is the best deal

    She should just buy a phone of her choice (plenty of bargains to be had out there), and then get this sim only deal. She will also get 100 quid cashback from quidco

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    Thanks for the responses folks, thought she could've maybe got a slightly better deal but looks like sim only would be best.

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