O2 payment based vs top-up based tariffs?

Found 7th Jan 2016
I might have missed something, but can someone tell me what the differences are between these two types of Pay & Go tariffs please?

I guess you can't just keep building up your unused credit with the payment based one as the tariff will automatically renew if there are funds to cover?

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any link?

Do you mean Big Talker vs Big Bundles?

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Do you mean Big Talker vs Big … Do you mean Big Talker vs Big Bundles?https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/sim-cards/pay-as-you-go/#simtype=bigtalker

That's the one. I can't see any major differences other than already outlined in my post?

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Big Talker gives you free allowances when you topup.
Big Bundles converts topup to allowance.

So on Big Talker tariff, you can topup each month and get free allowance. If you are only using free allowances the topup will keep on getting accumulated.

Vodafone freebies are better than O2 Big Talker, if you want to keep the credit and get free allowances.

Hope my info is useful for you.

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Doh! I'm ashamed of my stupidity!

The big penny has dropped
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