o2 phone number

    hi i just wondering if there is a 0800 fone number for o2 customer service if there please post it here thanks


    Sales; 0800 0890114 - Customer services & Accounts


    Tried all o2's 0800 and geographical numbers recently and nobody would put me through to CS had to use 0870. They were very strict.

    there is a way to bypass
    i just cant remember how... i try find out

    [SIZE="3"]Got these:[/SIZE]

    [COLOR="red"]o2 prefers you to contact them via the O2 website as opposed to by phone, letter or in person. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR="red"]Websites [/COLOR]
    o2 online website: [url][/url]
    o2 info page: [url][/url] - Info on tariffs, voicemail, access numbers, etc.
    o2 WAP information: [url][/url]
    How to top up your pay as you go credit

    [COLOR="red"]Email addresses[/COLOR]Customer services: Online form available from the o2 site. Select "Help" and enter "Contact us"
    Customer services: [email protected]
    Complaints: [email protected]
    Abuse: [email protected]
    Nuisance Call dept: [email protected]
    High-level complaints: [email protected]

    [COLOR="red"]Phone numbers[/COLOR]Sales (24 hour): 0870 225 7879 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Contract): 202 from your o2 handset (National rate)
    Customer Services (Contract): 08702 410 202 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Contract): 01349 885040 (National rate)
    Customer Services (o2 Online Contract): 0870 600 3009 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 4445 from your o2 handset (20p per a minute)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 08705 678 678 (National rate)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 0906 302 4445 (50p per a minute)
    Customer Services (Pre-pay): 0161 705 5000 (Switchboard, ask to be put through)
    Customer Services (Old numbers): 0906 302 0220 , 1702 from mobile
    O2 Customer Services is available from 8am - 9pm Mon to Fri, and 8am - 8pm weekends.

    [COLOR="Red"]Member Services:[/COLOR] 0870 444 6496 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
    Finance/Payments Dept: 0870 220 3299
    o2 Network Services, for network faults/issues: 08705 214000 (National rate)
    o2 Customer Services (Prepay): 08705 678678 (National rate)
    o2 Data Services: 0113 388 1685
    Mobile Web Specialist team: 0870 6076161
    Mobile Web Specialist team: 08705 860 860. Don't enter your number, but press * twice and select menu option 2.
    Pay-as-you-go credit card top-ups: 0845 606 2277 (Local rate)
    Handset/Contract upgrades: 0870-600 7102 , 0870-225 6869 or 0870 225 9933 (National rate, 8am-6pm Mon-Sat)
    Internet (PC) helpdesk: 0906 302 0220 (50p per minute)
    International helpline: +44 8705 214000 - for international travellers using their O2 mobile abroad
    Lost or stolen barring: 08705 214000 (National rate)
    o2 Online fax (Customer Services): 0113 202 5875 or 0170 931 6910
    o2 Head Office Switchboard: 0113 2722000 (was 01753-565000)

    [COLOR="Red"]Postal Addresses[/COLOR]
    Customer Services: 0219 HQ/Bury, O2 online, Dummers Lane, BL9 9QL
    Parent Company: BT Cellnet Limited (No.1743099) of Bath Road, Slough SL1 4DX
    Registered Office: O2 Limited, Wellington Street, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1YP
    Phone return: The Returns Department, FREEPOST, NEA12343, Warrington, WA1 2AA

    Erm I have a O2 contract phone (retail, not CPW or O2 Online) and I dial 100 for free calls to CS...

    I think that 100 is a free call for Operator Services not Customer Services, I'm happy to be corrected though

    Nope, 100 goes through to Customer Services free of charge.

    Been with O2 a good while, originally 12month free rental off (hence retail, CPW runs their customers O2 CS, O2 Online has 0870 CS) then on a great 02 retention deal

    OK thanks for that, as I said I'm happy to be corrected

    I'll come back to this later, very interesting
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