O2 Phones - Usage and Buying Advice pur-leeze!

    Three questions.

    1) If I buy a PAYG O2 phone, even if I have to buy airtime initially to get it (which therefore comes with a new number) can I just bung in my current PAYG SIM and use it on the new phone? I really don't know about these things...

    2) Do you ever get them SIM free?

    3) Where are the best / cheapest places to buy O2 PAYG phones that isn't eBay?

    Tank yall en advance.


    1) Yes but then you will have a sim card with £?? credit on it left over
    2) The last PAYG O2 I purchased ( about 2 years ago ) was sim free but I do not
    know if they all are
    3) Quite a few here and £5 quidco…=11

    What were you looking for?

    EDIT seems cheap here too…ayg
    £2.50 quidco but it depends what you are after i guess.........

    1. Yes. you may be able to get the credit transferred onto your old sim depending who you get at o2. You could always sell the sim with airtime credit on to try and cover costs that way.

    2. You can buy sim free phones but you usually pay more for the handset so you're usually better off buying the phone and getting it unlocked if need be.

    3. I bought mine recent o2 payg phone from tesco with a voucher but play and woolworths have had some good deals post on here recently. Play. tescos and woolworths also offer quidco cashback too.

    Original Poster

    Thanks both. No idea what I want, don't even know what's good or not. :lol: I'd have to see them instore as well first I suppose, but thought they might be cheaper online.

    Not really bothered about left-over credit if it means that's the only way to get the phone.
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