o2 priority

    Just wondering if anybody has had the same issue as me
    When im at home (on wifi) my o2 priority works then when i go into a store for example boots, the o2 priority says no deals available, so if it only works on wifi how can i use my des


    Works fine for me. Have you tried updating the app or re-downloading it?

    i think its something to do with the boots instore wifi. when ur in boots turn off the wifi on the phone and the app.should work. (thats a problem ive had before)

    It's your wifi connection, if its ON and it's connected to a network that you've never connected before this can sometimes affect the app. Try turning wifi off, and go to the Use Code bit while your outside of the store.

    Yep it's Boots wifi. Also sometimes there is no signal in Boots so you may have to go outside and come back in.

    Is that just today or in general. It was playing up this morning on the home wifi. And in cafè nero just now it didn't work on their system but them let us have it anyway

    Have only seen it in Boots. Works fine at cafe Nero

    Turn off wifi when you go out it happens to me on priority but only just started to happen in the last couple of months.

    Yep turn off wifi and ensure your data is on

    To connect to Boots' free wi-fi, you need to open a browser and click 'Connect' every time you enter the store (even when you've previously connected earlier the same day). So do that, or just turn wi-fi off to avoid the conflict.

    Incidentally, anyone else notice Caffe Nero ran out of codes at around 3.30pm today while I was queuing instore :(. Surely a new record?
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