O2 Priority 5000 prizes instant win, day of the dead / Día de los Muertos (starts at 12 noon Today)

Posted 30th Oct 2019

About the offerYou heard it here first. Instant Winners will return for one day only.

At midday today we're giving you the chance to instantly win one of over 5000 randomly allocated prizes. Here's a summary of the two prize types that are up for grabs:

One trip of a lifetime for you and your amigo to Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead festival.

Five thousand Mexican cookbooks to cook up a storm at home.

Eligibility and fulfilment terms apply to the prizes - please click here for more details priority.o2.co.uk/faq

Here’s how it works. On the 30/10/19 head to Instant Winners on Priority between midday - 21:59 pm. Tap 'Use now' to get your Unique Entry Code.
Then follow the link to the Instant Winners entry page and enter your code to see if you’re an Instant Winner. It’s best to reveal your daily code then use it when you want - it’ll expire once the day’s window closes. All together there are 5001 chances to win.

Keep in mind it’s not first-come, first-served. Winners will be randomly selected at different times throughout the day. You can only enter once - feel free to enter at 13:01 pm if you wish, but you could be just as likely to win at 21:57 pm. It’s best to get your daily code then use it when you want.

Pick your favourite time of day. Sync up with your lucky numbers. Or play when you’re simply feeling lucky. It’s up to you.

Come back at midday to take part - See you then!
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