o2 Priority ends unless toppping up

Found 23rd MayEdited by:"jouster"
Hadn't topped up my o2 sim for a while (its a spare card I use for an emergency phone and for relatives to borrow when they are here from abroad). Went to use Prioty app today and was told I need to top up my sim card before it will work.

Iver never had an issue in the past and have sometimes gone 2,k 3 or more moneths between top up with it working fine.

Is this something that has recently happened or am I missing something...havent got a need to top it up till end of july so will work then I'm sure...just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else had heard similar
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Yes this has happened. There is a new T&C requiring a £10 min top up to use the app.
did you have a link to this...didnt find anything on a quick google
Do you have to top up every 3 months or can you not keep your sim active by making a call once every 3 months or so.
I read that as needing to top up
£10 a month
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