O2 priority not working

Found 23rd Jul 2016
Been trying to access the Priority app all day on my windows phone, but when I open it up it warns me it is unable to access a data connection despite having full WiFi and 4G. As a result of this offers appear in the featured section but when they are tapped on they don't load. Anyone else having the same problem? I would like it working so I can claim a few freebies.

Thanks in advance

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App might need to be updated.
Why do some people get the £1 lunch on Mondays from boots and some don't. I don't get it anymore and also the free bike pump from halfords. It never showed up on my o2 priority.
My lunch one did on the Sunday and on the Monday it disappeared!!!!
Haha iv started to get lots of no service when out and about. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Lol
I popped into my local store today and was advised to reinstall the app. Unfortunately, it has made no difference whatsoever. Must be an O2 problem I guess. There have been no mast works round my area that could of affected the 4G. Won't even work on home WiFi.
I have the same issue today with my Windows Phone. Must be an app issue for WP...?
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