O2 problem-never return my calls on queries

Had an O2 contract for 10 months -never gone over my mins.
When i first got it i took out insurance as they said i could cancel anytime within 3 months as long as i had insurance- well i tried twice after 4-5 weeks and was told i couldn't -they promised they would find the phone call i made where i was told this and of course they never did !!
I then cancelled the insurance.
Now after 10months they told me my calls go from the 11th -12th every month- when i was told 14-15th every month and i have kept this in check with my phone timer and never gone over.
Today i got my bill (always £30.99 ) and its nearly £72 !!!!
When i rang and ask why they said i had used morwe than my allowance - when i queried this -they had taken it from the 11th not the 14th.
On the dates in question i had over 150 mins to use before the 14th which i did -but they have included them in this bill now!
All they have said is they will try and find the phone call from when i was told this and they will ring me back -which they never do.
I have also been told when i sent my cancellation to the carphone warehouse it was the wrong place-it should have gone to Disconnections and they didn't tell me where to send that to either !!
Help and sorry its so long


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bump up- any advice anyone?

ok without seeing you bill there is not much I can do. What I would advise is getting back on the fone and speeking to a manager. DONT accept a call back be polite but firm and ask whoever you get through to to put their manager on the line straight away. EXplaine nicley that it will do no good to explain everything twice but theere should be an outline on your notes if the previous operator have done what they promised.
good luck

try visiting a shop they may be able to phone a dedicated store number to a manager to sort this out. if nothing else you would be using their phone and not yours
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