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I'm out of contract now with o2 home broardband now , I'm happy to stay with them but whats the best way to get a better deal or do I need to switch provider?

I know with quidco I have to swap between the AA and the RAC each year to get the cashback is this the same with o2 or is a new 12 month contract enough to get the cashback even if I'm an existing customer?

I have an 02 mobile so would get the discount for that and am happy to add the line rental thing too as I currently pay more than that for bt anyway.

I'm also a bit concerned with the new packages - I'm on an old package at the moment and have heard people talk about the new packages being worse than the old ones but I'm not sure why?

Thanks for any info.

edit - added the home bb bit.

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With the AA i switch between my hous and mums house so can stay with AA.
With o2 im in the same jam as you.
Good deal is sim only last year 900 mins unlimited txt and unlimited landlines £20.00 a month.
Now you dont get the unlimited land line included.

Answer to your new O2 packages may be answered in this image. It is all to do with traffic shaping and download limits during peak times
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thanks for that, very handy - it was the All Rounder I was looking at and I don't get much more than 250kb/s anyway I think I get around 290-300kb/s - I take it SSL newsgroups would be lumped in with the peer-to-peer traffic?

What I need to know now I guess is will I get the

Earn £110 cashback for taking out a new "The All Rounder" package with … Earn £110 cashback for taking out a new "The All Rounder" package with Home Phone

via quidco if I'm already an existing customer or am I better off looking at leaving o2 all together?
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Your best bet is to phone them up and say that you are thinking of moving to another ISP. I then got offered the 'Works' package with their phone service, and free eve & w/end calls, all for £10 a month which I think betters any cashback offer. I believe cashbacks aren't available for straight renewals plus if you disconnect you can't reconnect with them for 6 months.


I take it SSL newsgroups would be lumped in with the peer-to-peer traffic?

Shouldnt be for one its SSL so traffic cannot be realistically shaped plus newsgroups are NOT PEER TO PEER, Thats the advantage of using them over torrents as you are not relying on peers still seeding (I remember the days of a 4 gig download hitting 99.9% and freezing due to lack of seeders for that last bit!, how annoying!)

I'm currently looking at renewing my O2 BB contract..I'm paying £13 a month ,£5 discount as im already a O2 mobile customer.I've noticed that there offering 3 months free internet and with topcashback i can get £80.80p with the All Rounder.

I take it i can't just cancel and renew with them so i could qualify for all of the above? Am i right in thinking a bit of haggling with Customer services is in order? I've seen some posts with O2 offering 6 months free with a new 12 month contract
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