Found 18th Aug 2010
I'll try and keep this brief.

Basically for the past 3 months I have had a problem with O2 and SMS text messaging. There seems to be a long delay in when text messages are sent to me and when I actually receive them. For example I could be texting my girlfriend, then suddenly she'll stop replying, an hour later I get a phone call asking why haven't I replied, I check my phone and I still haven't got anything, however when I send a message to her, I then receive all the texts messages in one go, however they all have time stamps on when they were sent. i.e. at 20:00 I could receive 4 texts that were sent at 19:09, 19:17, 19:31 and 19:50. There is no set pattern to this problem it just happens randomly pretty much everyday.

I contacted O2 regarding the above problem, plus a second problem which lasted a month or so but has resolved. I have made so many calls to customer services I have lost count, but I'd say 30 at minimum although it's probably more. I have had 2 replacements SIM cards, a repair to my handset (Palm Pre) and a replacement hand set (a new Palm Pre) the issue has been present in the Palm Pre, Nokia E50 and SE K800i.

I contacted customer services one last time who said there was nothing they could do as they couldn't diagnose the problem as I never called up when it was happening, even though I informed them it was completely random.

I decided to emaill the complaints review service who disconnected my number on Friday, then reconnected it, assuring me that this would resolve the problem, I was offered a months free line rental which I was happy with.

However less than 48 hours later the same problem occurred twice and has also been present today.

I'm really at the end of my tether here, I'm a very calm and patient man, but this issue really gets my blood boiling..I don't think I should have to put up with this issue as it's been ongoing for such a long time. And frankly I'm starting a new job soon which will require me to respond to urgent calls or texts. Is there any way I can leave the contract if they fail to resolve the issue with the next fix? Or has anyone else had this problem at all and what was the resolution?

Thanks for your help.

(Please note the issue affects all numbers on all networks and not just one or two. Thanks.)

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I get that all the time, I am also on o2, only happens when I lose signal, & I don't receive texts until I send one out. I haven't ever tried getting in touch with o2, as I assume where I live is a bad area for signal, is your signal always full?

I don't get my texts if I don't clear the balance away after texting.

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I'm on contract so don't get the balance. The weird thing is is that the signal is always full, or near's when I'm at work, or at home, which are a few miles apart...but my dad and sis who are both on O2 don't have the problem. =\

Speak to a manager and just say I want to cancel my contract if this is not sorted out

blame da eyefone

evn doe u dont av 1
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The time limit on text's has never changed, they quote 'up to 24 hours' to allow for server lag and bottlenecking.

I found leaving the phone on and taking the battery out for a few seconds sorted a few things out, if you rarely switch the phone off ?
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